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7 Strategies to Grow Your Email List for B2B Services Businesses

Growing your email subscriber list is an important tactic for B2B service businesses. An active email list not only helps businesses stay connected with prospective clients but also serves as an asset for converting leads, closing deals, and growing your client base. We'll explore actionable strategies tailored for B2B service businesses to grow their email subscriber lists effectively.

Create Compelling Lead Magnets 

Develop valuable resources such as whitepapers, case studies, or industry reports addressing your target audience's pain points and offering them in exchange for email signups. Read more about developing lead magnets.

Host Free Challenges

Provide subscribers with expert guidance and actionable tips through challenges that you share over multiple emails over a period of time. This practice will foster engagement with your audience and helps to prepare them for a future conversation where they might hire. A word of caution, don’t give away too much for "free" in your free challenge – you still want them to hire you after the challenge. It can also be helpful to offer a fast action offer, a limited time incentive they can take advantage of after completing the challenge. 

Host Webinars or Workshops 

Organize educational events relevant to your audience's interests, requiring registration with email addresses to attend the event and plan to send an email follow-up afterward. 

Provide Free Consultations

Offering complimentary consultations or assessments to potential clients in exchange for their contact information is incredibly valuable. If someone schedules a time with you for a one-on-one conversation, that allows you to showcase your expertise and address their pain points. Because you have their email, even if they don’t say yes or decide to hire you, you will have a way to keep top of mind with them through emails. We offer a free 45-minute growth strategy call to anyone who fills out our intake call form. Consider adding to the form the key information you need to deliver the most value during that conversation. You do not need to have those calls as long as we do at 45 minutes, however, it should be long enough to dig in with your client and provide some value for their time.  

Create Gated Content

Develop premium downloadable content gated behind email signup forms on your website. You can decide whether or not you will charge a fee for the content. Sometimes you can ask for additional information on the form for a piece of content. This can help you with the segmentation of your email list and ensure you are sending relevant information to those who signed up for the download. 

Participate in Industry Events 

Attending conferences or trade shows to network with potential leads is a way you can choose to grow your list. You can choose to exhibit and have a booth at these events or collect or share your business card with attendees. If you choose to have a booth at an event, having a signup form for your email list and promising to send a valuable resource for the email will drive signups. You can also utilize a QR code for people to sign up, however, gauge how technologically savvy your audience is when making that decision. 

Promote Across Channels

Utilize all available channels, including social media, your website, blog, and email signature, to promote your email list and encourage signups.

By implementing these strategies, you will steadily grow your email list and have more opportunities to promote your services to these prospects. Sending a regular mix of educational and actionable content to your email list will build your know, like, and trust factor with your prospective clients and make you the go-to expert for your industry. 


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