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Nedra Rezinas

Marketing Strategist

I’m Nedra Rezinas, and I’m a marketing strategist, coach and “delegation trainer” for businesses that want to grow – but need a trusted advisor to help them do it.

I work best with service based providers (coaches, interior designers, etc.) who have been in business long enough to recognize that they will need to begin hiring other people to scale and grow their business.

My best clients have an open mind and a willingness to let go of the way they are currently running their business, because they know that there are better, more effective strategies out there – even if they’re too close to their business to see those strategies for themselves.

They also know their “zone of genius” – the work they love to do and that they’re best at – and they actively want to spend more time there.

They understand that learning to let go, hire and delegate may stretch their comfort zone, but they’re willing to do it because there’s freedom on the other side. Freedom to focus on what they care about most while delegating the rest to the reliable people they can trust.

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