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Mary Williams

Chief Technology Therapist

Most folks find me after struggling with business operations, usually mistaking the problems as technology issues.  You might say that you’re “not technical” or that “technology is hard.”  The truth is, it’s about systems… which is not necessarily technology.  

Ironically, when you come into my world, I’m a lot more likely to take away the technology for a hot minute while you master your processes first.  (We like to do a lot of things on Post-It Notes to plan for your technical systems.) After that, the tech part feels e-a-s-y.  

This is the place where I teach highly sensitive & neuro-divergent business owners how to replace chaos with harmony around technology systems that make businesses run online. I lead my clients through the process of optimizing their business foundation from an emotional and intuitive perspective so that they can delegate and automate without wasting time, money, or energy.

You’ll hear me remind you frequently about your chakras, especially the root chakra of your business, the place where we do The Work that creates a solid foundation full of true embodiment for you and your business entity.  When you dive into this Sensible Woo world and master that magical spot that allows your intuition to function fully within your business operations, you’ll feel expansive and you’ll start wearing your CEO pants exactly as you *choose*.  

I am an accredited librarian with my Master of Science in Information from the University of Michigan School of Information and set the foundation of my career as the first digital archivist for Disney Animation Studios. From there, I worked with marketing agencies, entertainment technology companies, public libraries, fundraising organizations, and technology start-ups.

I have also been a metaphysical practitioner of many, many years and still offer Tarot & Akashic Records sessions for clients. I believe that the sensible & practical side of life meshes perfectly with the woo-woo side of life. We lead better, more balanced lives and run better businesses when we incorporate both together.

Sensible Woo is an inclusive and tolerant community.  I am an LGBTQIA business owner and a member of the API community.  I have a zero tolerance policy for hate, prejudice, bigotry, and bias.  If you don’t understand that BIPOC lives matter or you think gender identity isn’t important, then this is not the community for you.  I wish you well on your journey of awakening… and for my awakened peeps, I see you, I hear you, I feel you, and I am you. 

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